Sunday, November 1, 2009

R3view - 2Kinds Online Comic

This has to be the best comic/manga I've ever read.

The author/artist, Tom Fischbach, is a genius! He's somehow combined humor, action, adventure, and a little bit of perverseness all into one awesome collection of images and storyline arcs.

Check out the comic here: 2Kinds

If it doesn't work very well, or the Archive loads slowly, try here:

If you are browsing the archive, and you find it's loading slowly, even if you tried both URLs, click on the link near the top of every Archive page. Sometimes the servers get cluttered with people all trying to read this at once, and that slows it down somewhat.

So yeah, check it out, and if anybody actually reads this, tell me what you think!


Oh, yeah, one other thing:
It's 524 pages (comics) long. So it might take a while to read it all, but it's just images with text bubbles, so it shouldn't be too hard to stick with it.

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