Friday, December 11, 2009

Beware! The Fake PSP!

For all of you who have been looking for a way to get the new PSP Go for cheaper than the outrageous $250 US (waay more expensive in CAD) - DON'T.

I have been searching for a new MP3/Video player since my iPod no longer works with Linux (openSUSE 11.2, my primary OS), and I just happened to stumble upon this product:

First of all, note how it says "MP5" in the URL. What the heck is an "MP5" file? Doesn't exist. Also, notice the "Made in Japan" right on it. Now, I myself don't have a Go, but I know for a fact that the PSP Go DOES NOT HAVE THAT ON IT. Nor does it have a Play/Pause button, FM radio, 4GB of onboard memory (the PSP Go has 16GB, no smaller models), the PSP Go only works with Sony's propertiery (special copyrighted) memory stick, the Memory Stick Micro (M2). Where the Play/Pause button on this thing is there should be a Playstation "Home" button, used to view a limited version of the XMB (Cross-media Board) while playing games and used to exit said game or turn off the system.
And just look at the back of this phony: utter failure to produce a fake:

 See the digi-cam? Not supposed to be there. See the stickers saying "4GB" and "FM"? Shouldn't be there, either. And that sure as hell doesn't look like the PSP Go (look at the back of the screen, at the sliding mechanism).

Plus, the site where it's sold (at the top of this post) says nothing of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capabilities, which we all know the PSP has.

So, if you're in the market for a cheaper PSP Go, buy it used. Otherwise, but a PROPER MP3 player that actually plays videos and even has a touch screen - there are many out there for less than Sony's selling the PSP Go for, and you can even play games on some of them. Besides, why would you want a Go, anyways? You can't sell your games once you buy them, you can't buy them used (Download-only, so Sony's got control over prices) and the Wi-Fi is no better than the original, phat PSP's was (802.11b). Do yourself a favour: buy an iPod Touch, or even a PSP 3000 - they can play UMD discs and have virtually all the features of the Go, minus Bluetooth and the sliding screen, of course.